CHARISSE RENEAU has worked in the film/television and music industries for more than a decade. Ms. Reneau has brought an innate musical and artistic sensibility to an impressive body of work in a variety of arts.

In 2001, when the former Beatle, Paul McCartney put together a greatest hits compellation album of his works with the band Wings, entitled Wingspan: Hits and History which covered the musician’s prodigious output between the years 1970 to 1984, While at ABC Television in New York, Ms. Reneau worked closely with the Executive Producers of the filmed documentary that focused on the lives of Paul and his wife Linda. The documentary aired on ABC and coincided with this historically important musical release.

Ms. Reneau then went on to work as a Casting Director on such television shows as NBC’s “America’s Most Talented Kid”, the top rated USA Network show “Nashville Star”, “But Can They Sing” for VH1, “American Candidate” which aired on Showtime and the highly controversial Emmy Award winning show “Black. White.” produced by Ice Cube and acclaimed documentarian, RJ Cutler for the FX network.

Following these accomplishments, Ms. Reneau became a key Casting Director who traveled the nation in search of the precocious and genius children for the well talked about primetime television show “KidNation” on CBS.  Thereafter, she became the Supervising Casting Producer on the hit TLC show “LA INK” and had the opportunity to work with an array of celebrities such as Sebastian Bach, Jessie Metcalf, Eve, Emerson Drive and Scott Ian of Anthrax.  The premier had the highest ratings of any premier show in the history of TLC.  She was also a Casting Director for “Confessions of a Teen Idol” and  “Tough Love” currently on VH1.

Prior to working in the film & television industry Ms. Reneau had a successful career in the music industry working with such notables as Virgin Records, Elektra Records and the internationally renowned Film Composer, James Newton Howard. She quickly displayed innate abilities as a key member of A & R (Artist and Repertoire), Publicity and Promotions on an intriguing array of musical endeavors.

Currently Ms. Reneau is immersed in a film festival tour screening the feature length documentary “Rapping with Shakespeare” which she produced with Emmy Award winning Director, Michael King. It was a finalist for the A&E Indie Film Spotlight Award. This documentary follows the compelling lives of five students at Crenshaw High School as they struggle to achieve their dreams while coping with the teenage problems of violence, abandonment, rape and embattled identity to find their way out of the extremely challenging environment of South Central Los Angeles.